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1. How many videos can I process simultaneously?

Understanding that a "work" is composed of a set of videos, Faceffy is able to process several videos simultaneously. When you finish with one job, you proceed to process another.

2. What happens when an unidentified actor appears in a video?

Faceffy does not identify the actors who have not entered the system previously, but is able to identify the number of times (frames) in which a certain face appears, through groupings, allowing later to assign a name to that group of Frames and leave it saved in the system.

3. What happens when an actor is not identified in a scene?

Faceffy will show you the number of frames in which an "unidentified" face appears, allowing you to assign a name at that time and leave it saved in the system. From here, Faceffy will always recognize this new actor.

4. How can I organize my work with Faceffy?

Faceffy gives you many ways to organize yourself. There are many filters that allow you to segment your work by emission date, series, chain, society and even by date of creation of the work.

5. How can I export the results?

Once you’ve validated that every frame is correctly assigned to its actor, you can access the Job’s statistics: number of appearances for a specific actor, total time of appearance on every scene, and the type of performance taking place. Plus, you can export this information to an Excel or CSV file and share it with any person on your team.

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