How does it work?

Through a facial recognition analysis, in just a few seconds Faceffy identifies actors or characters in every frame of a video and determines the number of times and length of each on screen apparition, greatly reducing cost and time of the process

1 Select and process

Faceffy treats the video supplied by the user and splits it in a group of frames, which are sent to the Azure Cloud in order to realize the identification process

2Examine result

Faceffy Identifies the actors that appear in every frame and their total time on screen. In addition, Faceffy gives users the option to introduce any non-identified face to his own database, linking them to a name

3Export your results

Faceffy provides the tools that allow you to export every result as a CSV file, allowing you to share your data with other members of your team and giving users an easy and simple way to report results.

What can Faceffy do for you?

Faceffy allows you to easily and painlessly identify the actors showing up on the video and count their total time on screen through the facial recognition system, which translates in a significant reduction of cost and time, and a meaningful return of the investment. In addition, Faceffy presents this information in a simple and attractive format that can be exported easily for further processes.

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Payment plans and prices

We adapt prices and payment plans to your specific needs by realizing an in-depth study of your requirements.